Meet the decorator.

      Indigo & Gris is run by Sheryl, a certified interior decorator based in Toronto, Canada. 



Why Interior Decorating?

Design of spaces, objects, and elements have intrigued me since I was young. Fuelled by a nomadic upbringing in 6 different countries, I'm the product of different environments & cultural influences. As a global citizen & nomad by birth, life on-the-go meant packing, decorating, & adapting to different surroundings constantly. My 'home' always evolved! 

what's your design approach?

We often forget that where we live is an extension of who we are. My design approach is focused on bringing that connection to life by not only transforming spaces with style & function but also infusing your story & things that matter to you, into your everyday.

what inspires you?

Travel feeds my soul & is the common thread tying together all of my experiences. I've learnt how history, culture, past and present environment, and society influence the design of homes and objects used by people around the world. As an interior decorator, I'm constantly inspired by the colours, materials, fabrics, and textures I come across during these travels and try to integrate them wherever possible.

any other passions?

Yes! Where there is so much to do and discover, I'm very fortunate to have found two careers that I absolutely love. I'm a digital & social media strategist by day, building brand presence for companies through innovative experiences. I started my career in digital media right out of university when the industry was still new and got to work my way through top Ad / PR agencies like OgilvyOne and Edelman. I currently work in the Telco world and also consult for small businesses. If you'd like to contact me about digital marketing services, please click here.