Sari, Silk and Saffron

Although, various cultures moulded me, my roots will always be South Asian. I've had a strong influence of the Indian culture and love the rich heritage, traditions, fabrics, and colours. Sari, Silk, and Saffron perfectly describes my connection to aspects of design that influence me: a versatile and timeless piece of clothing, a rich yet simple fabric, and a deep, uplifting colour. 


Sari: one of the main pieces of clothing worn by Indian (and other South Asian) women, it’s length, fabrics, drapery styles, and colours make it one of the most classic and glamorous garments for a woman. It is traditional yet modern, it is detailed yet simple. The Sari has even transcended the fashion industry into home furnishings and interior design. 

Silk: this fabric has a long history in India and although mostly used for vibrant, rich saris, I’ve also been in awe of some beautiful drapery and cushions designs in silk. This fabric truly is timeless and so much can be done with it to bring in a luxe feel that isn't overpowering.

Saffron: one visit to India and you know it's a country of colour. Your senses are awakened by colours you had never imagined or knew existed. Saffron is one of the popular and symbolic colours found in Indian culture because of its spiritual history. It’s warm and powerful, and can liven up any space.

Sari, Silk, & Saffron lay the foundation of a visual experience I connect and identify with.