In a Fabric Wonderland

One of the most interesting things about being at design school is that we get to have fun field trips once in a while where we go to different showrooms and get insights from a variety of experts from kitchen planning, bathroom design to the latest fabric trends. Our latest visit was to the Robert Allen / Beacon Hill showroom at Designer's Walk, to get an insider's view on some of the latest collections, different kinds of fabrics available, and the functioning of the showroom.

I was in fabric heaven as you can see below!

Robert Allen Fabric Heaven

Fabric wall

Some interesting things I picked up from the visit (some more obvious but still noteworthy)...

- Latest fabric collections are coming in deeper, vibrant punches of colours versus muted shades. Check out these gorgeous purple fabrics from their latest collection.

Purple Fabric Samples

- Grey continues to be the popular neutral colour in fabrics. Interestingly, I've recently been drawn to more grey shades in interiors as well as fashion. It's easier to work with as a base colour whether it's on your wall or the colour of your couch.

- You'll be seeing a lot of Ikat and Damask prints in interiors. Keep in mind though that an Ikat print is not the same as a real Ikat traditional weave. An ikat print like the one below would look fab on an armchair or a footstool.

Ikat Print

- One of the designs catching a lot of attention is the key maze pattern as seen here.

Finally, I loved the fabric sample board on display at the showroom...I want one of these in my room using some of my fabric samples floating around.

Fabric Sample Board

All in all, the visit was extremely helpful in bringing theory to practical application. I was blown away by how much there is to know about the world of fabrics. I'm now armed with more information and of course more samples for the next project.