Today is a BIG day

Two years back, I may have been slightly crazy and over ambitious to pursue a passion in interior design while being in a full-time advertising career. I made the decision that it was possible to be two things at once...only if I wanted it bad enough! With some motivation from within and some from the then close ones, I took up design school. It has quite possibly been the most grueling 2 years; instances where I was working for 60-70 hours, going to classes, working on projects and trying to maintain relationships were all too common. I can't lie that there were many times I wanted to give up a dream because it was just too tough! As I finished my final exam of my 2-year program tonight, I can't express how ecstatic I am. I did it! I'm done - I'm a certified professional interior decorator today. It is possible to be what you want to be; to find a path that not many people choose. It's difficult but every bit doable. Over the last 6 months I've been on a roller coaster. I've been beat but I've also been my best. Today is big because I know how much I fought to make it happen and I thought I would never make it; the fear of failure stinks. It's finding the belief within and surrounding yourself with positivity that makes the 'best' trump the 'beat' though.

This little time has taught me that things will find a way to come together. And when in doubt, listen to your gut feeling because it tells you what you need to do more often than we give it credit for. Be a dreamer and make it happen for yourself because no one else will do it for you! You'll always have people who believe in you and push you forward. Some will stay and some may leave - but in the end it is all you!

So to all those challenges that came up in these 2 years, that made me want to quit much of who I am - I'm too strong to let go that easy :)

And to all those joys and small wins that also came to me in various forms, thank you. I feel nothing but gratitude and I am blessed.

I can finally sleep tonight!