Today is a BIG day

Two years back, I may have been slightly crazy and over ambitious to pursue a passion in interior design while being in a full-time advertising career. I made the decision that it was possible to be two things at once...only if I wanted it bad enough! With some motivation from within and some from the then close ones, I took up design school. It has quite possibly been the most grueling 2 years; instances where I was working for 60-70 hours, going to classes, working on projects and trying to maintain relationships were all too common. I can't lie that there were many times I wanted to give up a dream because it was just too tough! As I finished my final exam of my 2-year program tonight, I can't express how ecstatic I am. I did it! I'm done - I'm a certified professional interior decorator today. It is possible to be what you want to be; to find a path that not many people choose. It's difficult but every bit doable. Over the last 6 months I've been on a roller coaster. I've been beat but I've also been my best. Today is big because I know how much I fought to make it happen and I thought I would never make it; the fear of failure stinks. It's finding the belief within and surrounding yourself with positivity that makes the 'best' trump the 'beat' though.

This little time has taught me that things will find a way to come together. And when in doubt, listen to your gut feeling because it tells you what you need to do more often than we give it credit for. Be a dreamer and make it happen for yourself because no one else will do it for you! You'll always have people who believe in you and push you forward. Some will stay and some may leave - but in the end it is all you!

So to all those challenges that came up in these 2 years, that made me want to quit much of who I am - I'm too strong to let go that easy :)

And to all those joys and small wins that also came to me in various forms, thank you. I feel nothing but gratitude and I am blessed.

I can finally sleep tonight!

In a Fabric Wonderland

One of the most interesting things about being at design school is that we get to have fun field trips once in a while where we go to different showrooms and get insights from a variety of experts from kitchen planning, bathroom design to the latest fabric trends. Our latest visit was to the Robert Allen / Beacon Hill showroom at Designer's Walk, to get an insider's view on some of the latest collections, different kinds of fabrics available, and the functioning of the showroom.

I was in fabric heaven as you can see below!

Robert Allen Fabric Heaven

Fabric wall

Some interesting things I picked up from the visit (some more obvious but still noteworthy)...

- Latest fabric collections are coming in deeper, vibrant punches of colours versus muted shades. Check out these gorgeous purple fabrics from their latest collection.

Purple Fabric Samples

- Grey continues to be the popular neutral colour in fabrics. Interestingly, I've recently been drawn to more grey shades in interiors as well as fashion. It's easier to work with as a base colour whether it's on your wall or the colour of your couch.

- You'll be seeing a lot of Ikat and Damask prints in interiors. Keep in mind though that an Ikat print is not the same as a real Ikat traditional weave. An ikat print like the one below would look fab on an armchair or a footstool.

Ikat Print

- One of the designs catching a lot of attention is the key maze pattern as seen here.

Finally, I loved the fabric sample board on display at the showroom...I want one of these in my room using some of my fabric samples floating around.

Fabric Sample Board

All in all, the visit was extremely helpful in bringing theory to practical application. I was blown away by how much there is to know about the world of fabrics. I'm now armed with more information and of course more samples for the next project.

Sari, Silk and Saffron

Although, various cultures moulded me, my roots will always be South Asian. I've had a strong influence of the Indian culture and love the rich heritage, traditions, fabrics, and colours. Sari, Silk, and Saffron perfectly describes my connection to aspects of design that influence me: a versatile and timeless piece of clothing, a rich yet simple fabric, and a deep, uplifting colour. 


Sari: one of the main pieces of clothing worn by Indian (and other South Asian) women, it’s length, fabrics, drapery styles, and colours make it one of the most classic and glamorous garments for a woman. It is traditional yet modern, it is detailed yet simple. The Sari has even transcended the fashion industry into home furnishings and interior design. 

Silk: this fabric has a long history in India and although mostly used for vibrant, rich saris, I’ve also been in awe of some beautiful drapery and cushions designs in silk. This fabric truly is timeless and so much can be done with it to bring in a luxe feel that isn't overpowering.

Saffron: one visit to India and you know it's a country of colour. Your senses are awakened by colours you had never imagined or knew existed. Saffron is one of the popular and symbolic colours found in Indian culture because of its spiritual history. It’s warm and powerful, and can liven up any space.

Sari, Silk, & Saffron lay the foundation of a visual experience I connect and identify with.